Replacement heavy plant tyres

The ability to safely fit heavy plant tyres

Fuller heavy plant tyres operate a 100% mobile service – we only work on your premises. Our specialist service vehicles are equipped with remote control articulated crane arms. These safely give the precise control required to handle tyre and wheel assemblies up to 2700 R49 in size or 2.5 tonnes in weight.

Keeping heavy plant active

The best choice of OTR tyre brands

As leading multi-brand specialists, Fuller Tyres are proud to supply and fit the best choice of new tyres and retread tyres for your heavy plant:

  • BKT
  • Continental
  • Goodride
  • Goodyear
  • Maxam
  • Maxfield
  • Michelin
  • Nokian
  • Pirelli
  • Trelleborg
  • Triangle
  • Vaculug

Our commitment to multi-brand enables you to benefit from one tyre service provider across your entire heavy plant. Your business could run a selection of heavy plant from a selection of different manufacturers. Each with loyalty to a range of tyre brands. With Fuller Tyres you can always get the OTR tyres you need for every type of heavy plant.

Plant tyres for every environment

With Fuller Tyres you can benefit from the optimal tyre construction for every application:

  • Radial plant tyres offer low-rolling resistance, low energy consumption and good operator comfort.
  • Bias (crossply) plant tyres typically carry heavier loads, benefit from good stability and are very durable.

While radial plant tyres may be a little bit more expensive, they are less susceptible to pressure loss, provide higher Tonne-Kilometres Per Hour (TKPH) ratings and enjoy a better success rate for repairs compared with bias plant tyres.

  • We foam fill pneumatic tyres to provide a puncture-free lifetime.
  • Solid industrial tyres carry the heaviest loads, offer excellent stability and are the most durable heavy plant tyre.

Performance analytics provides insight

Our unique long-term experience has provided an invaluable insight into maximising tyre reliability and performance in every application. This enables us to offer truly impartial advice on tyre selection whatever heavy plant you operate.

And as we’re multi-brand, you can run tyres selected from different manufacturers across your heavy plant fleet. With each tyre selected to best suit the exacting demands of your operation, the heavy plant and the axle.

Our recommendations are proven to keep your heavy plant operational and deliver the lowest lifetime tyre costs, not simply the lowest ticket price.

Spend smarter

As an independent company, Fuller Tyres have strong relationships with the key global tyre manufacturers. Our combined buying power ensures we’re always competitively priced. You can rely on Fuller Tyres to reduce heavy plant tyre costs across your business.

Heavy plant tyre stocks

We stock a selection of popular plant tyres, port tyres and industrial tyres in a range of sizes. However, due to working with a wide range of heavy plant, we mostly purchase to order to ensure we always supply the best tyres.

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You can trust Fuller Tyres to

  • keep your heavy plant safe
  • maximise your machine uptime
  • reduce fuel, tyre and breakdown costs
  • lower your carbon footprint
  • provide professional and reliable service

Keeping heavy plant active