Plant tyre maintenance

The fullest range of heavy plant tyre maintenance

We recognise that your operating costs are constantly under the spotlight. That’s why Fuller Tyres take pride in providing a lifetime of care to keep your plant tyres healthy and operational – whatever the brand. Our class-leading plant tyre, port tyre and industrial tyre maintenance is available:

  • on our tyre management service – a recurring monthly schedule
  • as a flexible on-demand service

We’ll mix and match across your heavy plant to build the optimum package that fits your business perfectly.

During scheduled downtime our highly trained tyre technicians will correct tyre pressures, monitor tread wear and perform detailed inspections for visible signs of damage. This expert tyre maintenance will identify many issues before they escalate – enabling timely and safe maintenance or repair. With periodic rotation of the tyres to ensure uniform tread wear.

These valuable insights are proven to systematically maximise the operational productivity of your plant, extend the service life of your tyres and reduce your operating costs.

Keeping heavy plant active

Multi-life tyres

Our commitment to environmentally responsible retreading gives your multi-life plant tyres two further lives. Retread tyres give performance similar to a new premium tyre, but for a fraction of the cost and with no compromises on safety. All retread tyres are fully compliant with EC 109 Standard.

Tyre pressure correction

Pneumatic plant tyres have exceptionally rigid side walls designed to carry exceptionally heavy loads. During daily inspections there are few visible signs of a tyre under-inflated by 20% – making it easy to miss. If your tyres are under-inflated, they will quickly overheat significantly reducing service life. Left unchecked, this can lead to costly premature tyre failure.

Additionally, some 20% of plant’s energy consumption can be attributed to the rolling resistance of its tyres – correctly pressurised the fuel consumption is reduced.

Safe puncture and damage repairs

Heavy plant operates in environments that are hostile to tyres – consequently punctures remain a reality. Fuller Tyres perform all minor puncture repairs on-site, in accordance with British Standard AU 159 to provide a safe and long-lasting repair.

Where damage extends to the bead or belt, we take the tyre away for a high-quality vulcanised repair.

Connected tyre technology

Fuller Tyres are accredited installers of sophisticated connected tyre technologies. These advanced TPMS systems are engineered to monitor tyre performance and detect problems before they become obvious at operators’ daily inspections or at scheduled maintenance.

We can deploy these digital platforms selectively or globally across your heavy plant regardless of the brand of tyres already fitted.

End of life tyre disposal

Our policies ensure your heavy plant tyres will last for the longest possible time. However, when they finally wear out, we minimise the effect on the environment by recycling 95% of every tyre into man-made sports surfaces, playground flooring, road construction or sealants.

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You can trust Fuller Tyres to

  • keep your heavy plant safe
  • maximise your machine uptime
  • reduce fuel, tyre and breakdown costs
  • lower your carbon footprint
  • provide professional and reliable service

Keeping heavy plant active