Commercial tyre maintenance

The fullest range of truck tyre maintenance

We recognise that your fleet operating costs are constantly under the spotlight. That’s why Fuller Tyres take pride in providing a lifetime of care to keep your tyres healthy and operational – whatever the brand. Our class-leading proactive tyre maintenance is available:

  • on our tyre management service; a recurring monthly schedule
  • as a flexible on-demand service

We’ll mix and match across your fleet to build the optimum package that fits your business perfectly.

Our team of highly trained tyre technicians will perform detailed tyre inspections during scheduled downtime, comprising:

across the whole of your vehicle fleet – no matter how large or small. To ensure safety and compliance, all inspections are distributed to your fleet management team.

This expert tyre maintenance team will identify many issues before they escalate – enabling timely and safe maintenance or repair. These valuable insights are proven to systematically reduce your operating costs through:

  • maximising the service life of your tyres
  • reducing the number of roadside breakdowns
  • minimising fuel consumption and carbon emissions

Fuller Tyres work hard to maximise performance of your fleet.

Keeping fleets active

Regrooving multi-life tyres

Our truck tyre technicians are fully trained to regroove every brand of multi-life commercial tyre. Regrooving extends tyre service life by as much as 15% without any compromise on safety.

Turning on the rim

We turn tyres on the wheel rim to balance tyre wear – typically to address uneven tread wear on the shoulders and to prevent further abrasion to a scuffed sidewall. Fuller Tyres remove the tyre, turn it through 180° and refit. The tyre benefits from a longer service life and this uniformity will allow the casing to be used for retreading.


Twinning is the process of carefully matching the tyres on vehicles with twin wheels on the drive axle. For tyre performance and safety reasons, Fuller Tyres correct any mismatch in brands, tread patterns, tread depth and stage of life.

Tyre pressure correction

Every tyre will naturally leak air; a pressure loss of about 3% per month should be expected. Vehicles operating with under-inflated tyres are needlessly inefficient. They experience increased fuel consumption and accelerated tyre wear, with compromised handling, braking and stability.

Monitoring tyre pressures also provides early warning for slow punctures; before the issue would have become obvious at daily visual inspections or noticeable in the vehicle’s handling, braking and stability. Left unidentified, this could escalate in severity causing a roadside tyre breakdown and potentially premature replacement.

Wheel rotation

Tyre wear rates vary by axle and application:

  • vehicles used in urban environments suffer sidewall scuffing
  • reduced use of tyres on lift axles
  • differences in road camber impacts wear for regional usage
  • the tyre on the last axle of a three axle trailer wears faster than the others

Our tyre technicians will rotate wheels through 180° or by moving them to a different axle to ensure even tread wear and improve total mileage.

Safe puncture and damage repairs

When a tyre is punctured or damaged in any way, Fuller Tyres always remove it from the wheel. This allows our truck tyre technicians to carefully examine it for every sign of damage. Only then will we perform a puncture repair in accordance with British Standard AU 159. This ensures your commercial tyre will remain safe for every road-user.

Where damage extends to the bead or belt, we take the tyre away for a high-quality vulcanised repair.

Wheel alignment service

Wheels on commercial vehicles become misaligned simply through routine day-to-day use. From impact with potholes, debris on the road, and kerbs – to mechanical issues with steering and suspension components.

Our specialist technicians come to your premises to correct toe and camber to the manufacturer’s specification using calibrated technology. Correct axle alignment reduces rolling resistance:

  • lowering fuel consumption by around 10%
  • tyre wear by up to 50%

to reduce the cost of running your fleet.

Fuller Tyres recommend commercial wheel alignment checks when uneven tread wear is detected and also when new tyres are fitted.

Connected tyre technology

For the pinnacle in maximising uptime, we are accredited installers of sophisticated connected tyre technologies. These TPMS systems are engineered to monitor tyre performance and detect problems before they become obvious at daily inspections or at scheduled maintenance.

Fuller Tyres understand this connected technology will play an increasing role in tomorrow’s transport fleet – with the growing just-in-time logistics model and safety implications of smart motorways for tyre breakdowns.

We can deploy these digital platforms selectively or globally across your fleet of HGVs, tractors, rigids, trucks, trailers, PSVs, buses, coaches, LCVs and vans regardless of the brand of tyres already fitted.

End of life tyre disposal

Our policies ensure your truck tyres will last for the longest possible time. However, when they finally wear out, we minimise the effect on the environment by recycling 95% of every tyre into man-made sports surfaces, playground flooring, road construction or sealants.

32 people were killed or seriously injured

due to illegal, defective or under-inflated tyres – 2016 UK motorway road traffic accidents

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